Participant Resources

Here you can find information relevant to your participation in our e-bike study.


  • Basic Bike Safety: A copy of the slides presented at the orientation by Steve Boughton of Washtenaw County Bicycle Transportation Coalition.
  • Oregon Bicyclist Manual: This manual helps you understand how to ride safely and legally on the roadways of Oregon. It paraphrases many of Oregons Revised Statutes in "human terms" and includes additional safety advice not included in law. More information about Oregon Vehicle Code statutes pertaining to bicycles can be found in Chapter 814 of the Oregon Revised Statutes.
  • Washington State Bicycle Commute Guide: This manual is similar to the Oregon Bicyclist Manual but focuses less on laws and more pragmatically on commuting in Washington state. Even if you do not bike in Washington, this manual is a great resource for new cyclists, as it discusses cold weather clothing, fitting a bicycle, and safety.
  • How to Fit a Bicycle Helmet: Just as it sounds, this manual entails four steps to fitting the right helmet for you. It also includes diagrams showing the right and wrong ways of wearing a helmet. 1) Get the right sized helmet. 2) Adjust the fit pads or ring. 3) Adjust the straps. 4) Lastly, test the fit.

Using public transit:

  • Bikes and TriMet: Transit authority TriMet provides you with information about their services and policies about bicycles. The webpage has information on loading your bike onto a bus, onto the MAX, onto WES, and onto Streetcars. TriMet's Bike & Ride service page also show options for secure bicycle storage at designated transit stops.
  • Loading Your E-Bike onto a Bus Rack: This video shows how to load your e-bike onto the TriMet bus bike racks. Did you know that you can test out loading your bike onto a TriMet bike rack before starting your bicycle commute? Stop in to try the demonstration racks at PSU Transportation & Parking Services (1812 SW 6th Avenue) or at at the Community Cycling Center (1700 NE Alberta St).

About your e-bike:

  • Care Tips for Your E-Bike: This quick reference sheet provides much of the information you need to know about your e-bike, from folding to charging to securely locking the bicycle.
  • Currie IZIP/EZIP Bicycle Manual: This is the general manual for Currie Technologies' IZIP and EZIP line of electric bicycles. It provides a wide range of information, from battery care tips to wiring diagrams.
  • How to Fold Your Currie IZIP E-Bike: This video demonstrates how to fold your Currie IZIP E3 Compact e-bike. This assumes that the pre-installed panniers are removed.

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