Kaiser Permanente E-Bike Pilot Project

Transportation Research and Education Center (TREC) at PSU, Kaiser Permanente Northwest, and Drive Oregon teamed up to undertake a two-year initiative looking into the potential role e-bikes might play in first/last mile commuting. TREC simultaneously conducted a study on the initiative, which hoped better understand perceptions and usage of e-bikes for non-traditional bicycle users. The initiative was a way to test whether e-bikes can be one solution to help reduce single-occupancy vehicle (SOV) use. 

More than 30 foldable e-bikes from distributor Currie Technologies have been loaned out to Kaiser Permanente employees at three different Portland campuses for up to 10 week segments.  The project hoped to appeal to a broader range of people who may not consider themselves "cyclists." At the same time, it aimed to create a replicable model for e-bike deployment at other institutions.

The project ran from April, 2014 to September, 2015 and over 150 employees particpated in the program.

Read the Final Report here: "Evaluation of Electric Bike Use at Three Kaiser Permanente NW Employment Centers in Portland Metro Region".


Participants in this pilot project were invited to visit our participant resources page. This page provides information on safety, public transportation, and resources specific for e-bikes.